How A Business Can Get More Clients When Presenting At A Conference

Conferences provide tremendous opportunities for businesses. However, only a few are able to maximize their results. If you wish to get more clients, then you need to be strategic about your approach. Presenting on the stage instead of simply attending and networking is a good start. You can do even better by going in prepared to make a winning impression and meaningful connections. A business must be able to harness the attention and turn it into something that lasts. Consider the following tactics by experienced business insiders:

1. Get to Know Your Audience and Their Needs

Before you go to any conference, you must first study the theme of the event and the kinds of people who are likely to attend. Who are the notable speakers? Where will it be held? Who have confirmed their attendance? Go to the event’s official website for more information. You can also go to related social media pages to check the discussions. What are people looking forward to the most? Think about what you could contribute to the discussion. Find ways to make your presentation relevant to the people in the hall given their current concerns and known backgrounds.

2. Connect with Attendees via Social Media

After you have conducted your research, you can take things a step further by connecting with fellow attendees and presenters. Many of them are likely to go on social media to ask questions, share links, greet others, and start networking. Providing answers, making comments, and responding to posts will allow you to slowly feel your way among the crowd before you even go there. Let them know about your business and the topic that you are presenting. As long as you are friendly, you should attract interested parties that you could meet later on in the conference for partnerships and other projects.

3. Be Ready with Your Calling Cards and Brochures

You will not always have a lot of time to introduce yourself or talk about your business. Most interactions are brief since everyone is trying to meet as many people as possible. Even those who seem eager to learn more about the business might have a hard time remembering your contact details. Make sure to give everyone you meet a copy of your calling card so that they can reach you later on. Include the business website, email, and social media pages. You can even bring brochures about your products and services. You are also likely to receive a significant number of cards so keep these organized. You can capture the details electronically for ease of storage.

4. Give Away Useful Promotional Products

Another way to make sure that people remember the business is to give out useful, on-topic promotional products. Everybody loves a freebie, especially if it is a useful item. Consider what the audience might find helpful in their daily lives. For techies, it could be a flash drive or other computer accessories. For health-conscious individuals, it could be a hand sanitizer. If it is the rainy season, then give out umbrellas or jackets. If it’s summer, then you could give out caps or visors. Other commonly used products include pens, shirts, water bottles, keychains, notebooks, calendars, and bags. Recipients will have a more favorable view of the business so they are easier to convert into clients.

5. Organize a Side Event After the Presentation

The conference does not run 24/7 and people don’t usually attend all of the scheduled activities. Many will try to look for places to hang out and others to talk to during their free time. You can organize your own side event after the presentation so that those who have questions can ask you directly. You can invite anyone who would like to participate in the discussion. You could also simply gather like-minded individuals to a popular restaurant, cafe, or bar to unwind. These informal settings could help people feel more comfortable to speak their minds about business and more.

These are just some of the things that you can do differently the next time you are scheduled to speak at a conference. Try them out and add more as ideas come up. Go out there with a plan and become the best ambassador for your company.